What is MPL? | how to earn money by playing games and share in MPL

Hello buddies, if you want to know what is MPL (mobile premier league)? And How to earn money by MPL?, how to use MPL and wish to make a lot of money by the MPL then you are in the right place because in this portion we will demonstrate to you all about MPL. So let's spring this topic with all the information.

What is MPL?

Friends in simple language MPL is the Android app. In which you can earn money by playing a game according to your choice. 
earn money by MPL
MPL operate different tournament, in tournaments, you can play Games by paying token or paying cash and take participate in that tournament in which you want to play.

What is token in MPL?

In MPL token is the most important part of MPL, the token is like the point in other apps, You need to pay a token to play tournament and battle. And you will earn token in MPL by sharing this app or play a free tournament for token.
And MPL have different types of game race, fruit dart, bricks, runner, jump, etc. And game have various tournaments and different battles.

What is battle in MPL?

earn money by MPL
In MPL battle in that part of in which you can do practice of your game you want to play, and each game have a different battle and different tournaments and Battle is free or take the token
And in free battle, you play with your competitor and if you want then you get a token and if you lost then you not get any token and if you play with 5 tokens and you win then you get it symbolic and if you lost then you get 1 token and each battle hai different type of battle.

How to earn money by playing games in MPL?

In MPL, you can earn money by playing games, and each gameplay every hour tournament, and in a day, you can play 24 tournaments of one game, and each game has a different tournament. So play the game and earn money but first do registration in MPL.
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How to register in MPL?

How to register in MPL know this step by step.
Go to the play store.
Click on the download button and then install it.
Open this App.
Enter the Paytm mobile number (Mini KYC or Full KYC).
Enter OTP send on that mobile number which you enter.
Understand UI of MPL.

Earn money by MPL step by step.

  • Select the Game which you want to Play.
  • Select Tournament and pay token.
  • Play the game with full focus.
  • After finishing, wait for the Result.
  • After winning some money, you can withdraw your money in your wallet.
You can withdraw your money in your wallet of Paytm, UPI, Phonepay and etc.

Note;- if you Register in this app by Reference enter his invite code for token after putting the invite code MPL gives you 20 free token in your MPL account.


Now, friends your MPL account is created to play the game with your token and earn real money by MPL. And buddies we hope you like this post, if you have any question related to the MPL then ask in the comment box if you want to another topic then tell us in the comment box and we will try to make a post for you.
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