Top paying Best Highest CPC AdSense keywords 2020-2021

If you are are searching Highest CPC AdSense keywords 2020-2021, then in this article, we will discuss Keywords, in this post, you will get all high CPC keywords list and all information about its
So let's start this topic to acquire knowledge and begin to earn colossal money

Highest CPC AdSense keywords 2020-2021

If you have a blog, website or a youtube channel, then you needed the Highest CPC AdSense keywords in 2020-2021.
Highest CPC AdSense keywords in 2020-2021
Highest CPC Adsense Keywords 2020-2021
Here are many keywords that pay you high CPC on your blog. But first, you need to create a blog, then upload content (article or post) on the blog, then apply for AdSense, if AdSense approves your site, then put Adsense ads on your blog, website or youtube channel and AdSense ads will pay.
Highest Cpc Adsense keywords 2019-2020

Here are the top highest paid Adsense keywords 2020-2021

Keyword Idea CPC Traffic
Web Hosting 50-500 $ 39K
Insurance 5-45 $ 40K
Electricity/Gas 26$ 96-265K
Loans 5-15$ 25-75K
Lawyer 3$ 15-25K
Donation 1-9$ 25-34K
Conference Call 2$ 15-19K
Mobile phone 2-7$ 50-58K
Smartphone Review 5-12$ 60-500K
Some Costly medicines 2-25$ 80K
Vehicles 70-105$ 60K
Car 50-200$ 200K
Laptop 5-60 $ 125 K+

Keywords Details

Web Hosting

Web hosting is in the list of  Highest CPC AdSense keywords 2020-2021. If you used any type of hosting (like cloud hosting, shared hosting), then you can perfectly write post or article on this topic, at this topic you can do a review of any hosting provider. You can also make money by their affiliate program, If you write an article on web hosting, then you can not visualize CPC of this keyword. This keyword will pay you a high cost.


If you have a knowledge of Insurance type, then it became a gold container for you because it is in the list of Highest CPC keyword. If you write an article on Car insurance and other type insurance, then this keyword will pay you high CPC, you can describe all information about insurance type. You can also set a link of other insurance affiliate businesses.


If you have knowledge about this topic, then it is very good for you, both are energy consumption and daily life product, so it is an excellent niche for Highest CPC Adsense Keywords 2020-2021, so start work on this topic to earn more money. Create a blog on this topic or create an article and write about electricity provide/ gas provider agencies.


Many banks and other companies providing different loans for different tasks, and nowadays, there are many types of loans provider in the market. if you write an article for the about loans provider, Frode  loan provider and Right loans providers, best loans providers type and much more topic, and puts Adsense ads in your blog, then this topic will give you Lot of money


If you have experience about the Law of your nation or another country or how to become a lawyer, then write a post with all data and gave right direction to the user then you will definitely rank on google and definitely make CPC cost


If any area gets disaster naturally, then many people give the donation to that person who is in the problem, then many organizations supported them, so it a great topic.

Conference Call

if you have information about the conference call, then start a topic on this and get a money pot because it is a great topic and highly demanded. If you write a post on conference call related, then get a chance to earn more income.


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