How to earn money from facebook | earn huge money by fb

Friends, you must known about Facebook, which is accessible for online messaging, and millions of peoples using Facebook at this time and if you want to earn money by this platform. So, today our topic is How to earn money from Facebook. So let's start on

What is Facebook?

Facebook is a popular brand for online messaging and free product launch by Mark Zuckerberg, mark create Facebook for the people of the world to connect the people visually by this social platform and free of cost, but by the Facebook, you can make money easily. 

How to earn money from Facebook?

Our friends there are too many ways to earn money from Facebook like:-
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sponsorship
  • Selling account
  • Promote product
  • Advertisements
How to earn money from facebook
How to earn money from Facebook
In this way you can earn a lot of money, I have seen many people who receive millions by Facebook. So, you could be done. If you want to know more details, then read the below post.

Earn from Facebook by sponsorship.

When your Facebook page get many followers minimum 5,000 up to more than. Then many companies or brands will contact you to promote their product or sponsor you; if you encourage those products, then they pay you according to your followers or active follower.
You can do this at the same on Facebook account, but on Facebook account brand or companies check your like on your post.

Earn by affiliate Marketing

You can earn money by sharing affiliate links on Facebook. Paytm mall, amazon, Flipkart, mantra, GoDaddy, etc. website gives you a chance to make money,   How 🤔
How to earn money from facebook
How to earn money from Facebook
Many online shopping websites provide commission whose sell their product by a link. Example Paytm mall and other websites give you an affiliate link to share with your friends, and your any of friends purchase that product throw your links then Paytm, and site provide you commission.

By selling accounts

When your Fb account got popular and has many followers then many people want to buy that type of account then you can earn money by selling a Facebook account or page.

By selling accounts

You can earn money by selling a Facebook account or page, many people want a high follower FB page or account, and they pay you for the account.

By promoting account

You can earn by promoting the website and youtube channel they pay you according to the visitor.

Earn by advertisement from Facebook

Facebook launched facebook audience network, its for App, blog, Facebook page, you can show ads on your content, on Facebook page article.
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Friends, we hope you understand the topic today "How to earn money from Facebook" In this way, you can earn huge money, and if you have any questions or problems, then tell us in comments.
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