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If you searching Earning applications with payment proof then you are on the right platform, In this article, we discuss only earning apps and by this application, you can earn some pocket money and mobile recharge and payment gateway and much more, etc.

Introduction of Earning applications with payment proof

Friends, there are too many apps available on play store that can pay you high payout by using their Apps.
Earning applications with payment proof
In those applications you need to do some work on these apps like watching ads, completing the task, Completing surveys, Give answers to questions, etc. And after completing there giving task then they will pay your payment according to the task So, here is the list of those apps.

List of Earning application with payment proof.

  • Google's Opinion awards.
  • Money mantra.
  • Pro spin Money.
  • Dream earner.
  • MPL (Mobile premium league)
  • Etc.

Google's Opinion awards.

It's a Google product which offers you to earn money and you also know that Google is a trusted website and its never cheat with anyone, so it give payment to him all user. In this app, google gave you some Question (Surveys) like about your name and your related question and some general knowledge after completing those surveys google pay you your awards. 
This App is available on play store.

Pro spin Money

This App is straightforward and easy to use, in this App you need to watch ads and Spin the wheel and after seen ads and complete spin then this pay you your amount.
This App pays you Paytm money.
It's available on play store.

Dream Earner

This App pays you Money by completing its task, First, you need to do daily tasks and after that, you can earn unlimited Money by watching video ads.
This earning app pay your payment in PAYTM.
Its App is available on play store.


In this App, you can earn money by playing games,
It is true...
Really this App pays you by playing the game like PUBG, Freefire, Cricket, fruit dart, bricks, car racing, etc. to many games. This App gives you payment according to your rank.
In this app every hour running the tournament and after taking participate in that tournament by a very small amount you can up to 1lakh rupee in every tournament and after winning your money that pays your amount in Paytm, UPI, Bank transfer, but pay Money in KYC account.
It is available on play store.


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